Valves, Actuators and Accessories

General Service Globe & Angle Control Valves
1/2" - 12" ANSI Class 150 – 2500 Cryogenic Globe Valves
Cold Box Service & Warm Valves
Severe Service Globe & Angle Control Valves
Velocity Control Trim
Venturi Seat Angle Valves
General Service Knife-Gate Valves
Severe Service Knife Gate Valves
High-performance automatic & manual Larox valves for applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or granular substances Two Way Ball Valves Multi-Port Ball Valves
Flush Tank & Angle Stem Flush
Tank Ball Valves Diverter Port Ball Valves
Transmitter Isolation Valves Sanitary Valves
V-Ball Control Valves
Current & Voltage to Pressure
Transducers (I/P & E/P)
Air Regulators: General, Precision And Miniature
Stainless Steel, High Cycle
¼ Turn Rack & Gear Valve
Neles Automation
Metal Seated Ball Valves
Segmented “VEE” Ball Valves
Rotary Control Valves
Manual On/Off Valves
Metal Seated HP Butterfly Valves
FieldCare – Resource Management and Condition Monitoring Systems
Soft Seated Ball Valves
Soft Seated HP Butterfly Valves
Automated Control & On\Off Package
Richter specializes in the design and manufacturing of corrosion-resistant, plastic-lined products, Lined Ball valves, Butterfly valves, check valves and control valves
Limit Switches / Valve
Communication Transmitters
Discrete I/O Networking System